Women wearing wide belts intimidating

She had been assigned a number, like every slave there. It was the very first step done to condition them into believing that they were now mere property, not an actual person.

She knew that Dominique was well aware of the pressures that she was under to process this girl quickly and move her down to Level 2, the training stage.

The first was Commandant Teresa, who had been with her for a number of years and was perhaps the most loyal person on her staff, perhaps even a little bit too loyal Natasha thought, as her jockeying for the top spot was becoming all too transparent.

The second leader on Level One was a younger woman named Dominique, now officially known as Commandant Dominique after a promotion.

She was approaching the age of 40, a time of reflection for many people her age, and now the stress of running such an organization was beginning to wear on her.

Natasha was a perfectionist and an absolute stickler for detail and she was smart enough to know that keeping such a pace would be impossible for too much longer.

Level One was considered the Initiation and Training stage.

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