Who is shana moakler dating 25 19 dating


Moakler, her precious girl Alabama Barker was viciously taunted by internet personality Rice Gum.

Once the vid was shared, 3,000 plus commenters posted awful remarks about Alabama — some internet trolls even threatened her life.

She moved to Miami after graduating from high school to pursue a modeling career, and later moved to New York City and then Los Angeles.

The 40-year-old voices concern that the former model has drugs and guns in the house, sends the kids to school without lunches, and lets their son "roam around" without knowing his whereabouts. Related: Shanna Warns Rita Ora About Getting Involved With Travis The musician is hoping to have his child support reduced to as low as ,900 per month as he thinks the money isn't being spent properly — and he cites not making nearly as much as he did when the current deal was reached.

But until then I didn't date anyone in high school, because I was such a dork. Moakler: The most embarrassing was when I lost my virginity. I always thought it was just something he was working out. Or at least never got to go out at the right time, when you're supposed to go out and meet girls and drink beers. Moakler: OK, I dated Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block, I dated a "Baywatch" boy named David Charvet, and I dated Billy Idol.

When I was done with the roller skating and hit puberty, I got to fulfill all of those high school fantasies, like dating the captain of the football team and winning best-dressed. Moakler: You can't look at Oscar like you would you and I. He was extremely poor, not very well-educated, spent his entire life in the gym, never really got to go out.

And (Lennox) Lewis redeemed himself, which was cool. Moakler: Boxing is a mess, and what's really bummed out is that Oscar could have really helped change all that. But actually approaching Oscar, or Oscar ever talking to me about that stuff ... Todd Gallagher is a screenwriter and journalist, living in Los Angeles.

I'd love to go out and challenge myself and see if I could win. I also love Floyd Mayweather for a lighter fighter. But I definitely believe there are politics involved when there's something like a Trinidad-Oscar rematch, because everyone is going to make a lot of money, including the fighters.

And don't give us that garbage, "You'd be surprised ..." Moakler: It depends on how I look.

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