Who is frankmusik dating


His head is bowed to one side as he focuses on belting out the words to his new single, "Better Off as Two".

Alongside him, Mika's former musical director Mike Choi plays another keyboard, and towards the back of the room, Martin Carling (who drums with Groove Armada) is busily keeping pace.

And you should too, as it’s a good and noble cause, but what I found myself pondering was who chooses the music? Use of Metallica and the Barney the Dinosaur theme have been widely reported, but presumably even your treasured favourites quickly become oppressive when played endlessly, repeatedly at loud volume. Vincent Frank, the geek pie haircut behind Frankmusik, appears to have been pondering the same question as he’s crafted a whole album so stagnantly repetitive that one listen gives the illusion of having already been subjected to the same song again and again and again and again.

However, in an act of superlative subversion he’s actually also created music so offensively inane that it will surely breed righteous anger in the bosom of anyone who hears it.

Constant, ear-splitting music is used to mentally break down prisoners, leaving them severely sleep deprived and mentally unstable.

A plethora of musicians have added their name to a silent protest at zerod which calls on Obama to expressly outlaw it.

Title track ‘Complete Me’ is the ballady one, for those of you playing pop album bingo, and in a spirit of fairness I’ll concede that album closer ‘Run Away From Trouble’ does demonstrates a little variety – it’s an eight minute epic where Frank goes a little bit emo. Or is it simply the moment when the music industry’s demand for fashionable electro-pop stars finally outstripped the supply of talent?

\"I find it hard to really put any of this into words, as I never really expected any of this great stuff to happen to me.\"In another bit of perfect synergy, Frankmusik's own second album, \"Do It in the AM\" (Cherrytree\/Interscope), will be released on Sept. Erasure's catalog includes such pop nuggets as their Billboard Hot 100 hits \"Chains of Love,\" \"In My Arms,\" \"Always\" and \"A Little Respect.\"A low-pressure \"social visit\" with Clarke at his studio in Maine was the kickoff point for the collaboration. MTV call Frank a "hotly tipped solo star" and elsewhere he has been called a "bleeptastic alien", though this was two years ago, when he says he had only produced early demos.Since then he has DJ'd with the Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac, charmed Choi and Carling along with several high-ranking record-company execs, hitchhiked from Loch Ness to Brighton using just his My Space friends, and unleashed a richly received EP on the world in November, "3 Little Words".If you were to sit down on a sofa opposite this group of merry bandits, you would be close to the spot occupied a week previously by Frankmusik's fellow pop time-traveller La Roux.Frank, 23, says she snuck in secretly to size up her competition, and if the hype is to be believed, the flame-haired NME favourite has reason to be worried (Frank told the NME last month that he thought she was "La Rude")."One thing I have always said to the label [Island Records] and myself is that I want to get there as a result of actual success," says Frank, exhaling cigarette smoke and sitting on a battered sofa outside the studio.

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