Who is dating who on vanderpump rules

The former SUR employee claimed that the wife found out about the affair after she went through her husband’s phone and saw Lala’s sex tapes.“I know from personal experience we should stop making sex tapes. Even if Lala vehemently denied having an affair with a married man, Stassi, Kristen, Scheana and Katie all seemed to believe that she’s hiding something.Women of America, stop recording yourselves having sex. They pointed out that they all have different unrelated sources claiming to know about the affair.“I met Raquel New Year’s eve 2015 and my d**k has never been inside Ellie in 2016. It did not take long before Lala and James’ conversation quickly turned into a heated argument, with the latter bringing up Lala’s “lies” about not seeing a married man.“Are you lying to me about your relationship?

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She posted the lovey snap on New Year's along with a long caption talking about the trials and victories that she experienced in 2017.

Of course, it really wasn't anyone's business but the inhabitants of SUR have never really been concerned with what is anyone's business, right?

It was this season when Lala finally came clean (not that she had to in the first place) about the origin of her fancy lifestyle and told fans that her boyfriend was extremely well off and bankrolled her lavish way of life.

The tone was one of finally accepting that people will always talk, but you don't have to listen to their negativity.

It certainly seems like Lala is happy in her current relationship.

Even now, it seems like every time someone wants to try to insult Lala, they bring up her relationship.

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