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Thus was launched the first group of a series of studies that continue to this day and will be continumg under a new Office of Planning and Evaluation far into the future. Hoover, and to the men and w omen who built the FBI with him, for me to be able to sa) to you today that this magnificent organization of human beings responded with a zest, an enthusiasm, and with an all-consuming fidelity to perfection that is unparalleled in my experience. 1 asked my Crime Research Division to look at the record, and 1 found out that, in the record since 1968, that the club had been trymg to get the Dnector to go there and talk, and that the recommendation of the staff of the FBI was that it would be a good forum for us to carry the FBI message. In making your deter)nination of the political im- pact or lack of political impact that 3"ou would have in this forum, were you advised by those who had checked it out, and thus did you have the information that the Democratic presidential candidate^ Senator Mc Govern, also appeared in that forum? We have enough problems in HEW now without creating more by being inept or overbearing. I have been privileged, as no outsider had ever before been so privileged, to observe the performance of the FBI at first hand, to direct its performance, to question its performance, and to evaluate its performance. As the days passed, the position papers and study papers achieved a degree cf excellence that seemed to challenge me, my own personal staff, and the senior executives of the FBI to find any point, a single topic, that should have been covered and w-as not. The questions that I want to direct to you will be directed with this in mind. I agreed with you in your ha\dng to ask those tough questions. The appearance of impartiality and propriety is oftentimes almost as important as impartiality and projiriety them- selves in establishing and maintaining public confidence. Even though each of us is close to the Secretary, resist at all times the tempta- tion to enhance our own image by "puffing," or by our actions demonstrating how close we are to the Secretar3^ We would not be here if we were not close to the Secretary and those with whom we will come in contact know this political fact of life. These early days formed the most intensive educational experience I have ever encountered, stimulating and filled with insights. I think I frankly said to you ^vithout at all intending: any personal rebuke or admonishment tliat I would have much preferred to have had someone come before us who was a professional law-enforcement officer, one who did not have your political background. That is wlw I think some of these questions need to be asked. Is it fair to suggest — we can't do anything about what happened yesterday and, as I told you, and as I still feel, I have not made up my mind, I think you are a right guy and I am trj'ing to determine what weight to give these aspects that I direct your attention to, but if you are confirmed, I hope we can put a record together that might avoid some of the pitfalls that some of us are concerned about. Certainly, I am going to do that, and certainly I am not going to be speaking as much as I have been speaking in the months that have passed. You will demean yourself and the Office of the Secretary by taking "name dropping" advantage of your position. It is totally and completeh' and terribl}' and blatantly false. I am glad I asked the question so you could laj^ that to rest. I asked the men and w'omen of the FBI to "show me" — and, beyond all ex- pectation, they showed me wherein the FBI's reputation resides. I made a special effort to visit our field divisions, and, to date, I have visited all of them except one. They have been asked b}' others, they have been raised elsewhere. 1 feel in that particular case, and not knowing that the California decision was pending, that this ^^•as not a wise thing for 85 me to say and it was certainly something that I would not have done had I known that that decision was pending. No; it is my fault for not knowing that that case was pending. Is it fair to say that in the future you would take greater care in avoiding this kind of statement whicli might be interpreted by some as affecting the outcome of a High Court case? But, as I stated in my opening statement this morning, there was a very good reason for that, because I felt that the windows and the doors had to be opened and w'e had to begin talking more w'ith people; but I don't anticipate it is going to be necessary for me to make as man}^ speeches as I made. Lobbyists — You will come in contact with them; they have a legitimate reason for existing. I read some place that when you were at Quantico at the FBI Academj' there, this question came up and you were quoted as saying, "Wouldn't j'ou do that for the President." Is that an inaccurate quote?

I respect the FBI, and the entire Nation respects the FBI. He was nominated for a federal judgeship but because of his meager qualifications the nomination was withdrawn before the American Bar Association could officially act upon it. I believe that where this kind of law ends, tyrann}^ begins, and I believe that the people have the right and the duty to oppose such tyranny. Chairman, I have a number of cpiestions, but I think because the hour is late, I would rather pass after I get through this one area. Again it is plainly obvious that we must be dedicated and devoted to the con- cept that our Republican President will be a great President, that his programs will be successful, and that he will be reelected to a second term. Eighty of our largest cities reported actual decreases in crime for this three- month period — compared with 22 cities in 1970, and 59 in 1971. It was a piece of paper when it came to my office, the Office of Acting Director, came through the routing system, came to Mr. The President has seen fit to send my name to the U. Senate, and the Senate now has the responsibilit}^ — and for the first time the opportunity — to advise and consent to the nomination of the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. With regard to my background and professional qualifications, Mr. I have here a speech that you made at HEW which really told those assistants down there the great responsibility they had to be loyal to the Presi- dent. I think being a strong team player is a valuable asset when you are an Assistant to the Secretary or when you are an Assistant Attorney General. The head of the executive branch is the President of the United States. Each one of us is here in HEW because Richard Nixon was elected to the high office of President of the United States. By that T mean a government in which the individual is protected in his freedoms and his personal goals by laws that he or his representative helped to make. Senate sets out to discharge its responsibility to examine into my Cjualifications and work its will in reaching a decision. You have been described, accurately, I suppose, and I think it is a virtue, as being a strong team player, a loyal team man. First, we are a creature of the Congress, and the Congress has seen fit to place us in the executive branch. Each of us is possessed of our own desires, ambitions and goals. This commitment must be our homing beacon throughout our career in the service of our government. 91-331 — 73- no Fina Uy, the gift of individual freedom and equal opportunity that we enjoy derives primarily from the free government that we have maintained for two centuries. I welcome this opportunity to set forth for the committee, the Senate, and the American peoj^le, an accounting of my decisions and my actions, how I went about learning at first-hand the operations of the FBI, examining and evaluating them, the changes I have made, my veiwpoints, and the conclusions I have reached about this American original. Every American has a right, I believe, to know the frank and candid reactions and views of the man who has held this responsible position since May 3 of last year. Too often have I seen the results published in newspapers or made the subject of remarks by the boob-tube word mashers. "You must give some time to your fellow man," said Albert Schweitzer, the famous author, philosopher, and physician. And I think that should your committee and the Congress see fit to appoint this man that he will exercise a leadership in the FBI that is on behalf of all Americans. He felt that if the President wanted him to serve in that capacity, he would so serve. Senator Weicker, concerning Patrick Gray on the second cu'cuit court. Every decision I have made has been considered carefull}^, and I have approached each with a sense of humility. He, together with the men and women of the FBI who served A\dth him during the years 1924 to 1972, created and built a magnificent organi- zation devoted to the service of our country. Too often have I heard this form of banter engaged in innocently. In other words, there are some things ^'^ou just don't have to give to the Attorney General? That is why our Rotarian motto — SERVICE — reflects the spirit of America and why it has so much to say to Americans. 1 cannot find it in the Butte, Mont., speech unless 1 have niy cover page of the speech mixed up or unless 1 gave you a different cover page. Let me say right now in relation to the Select Committee that I serve on with the distinguished Senator from North Carolina, commonly referred to as the Watergate Committee, if one-tenth of Avhat I keep on reading is true in relation to some of the activities of ray own party, God help the person or persons who either participated dnectly or indirectl}' in what I consider to be an American disgrace and a Republican shame, and I very much believe, Mr. Now insofar as Pat Gray's relation to these personal beliefs of mine, I believe he is a man of absolute mtegrity, and I believe he is a man of intellectual capacity, and I know that he believes not only in the words of the Constitution and the laws of this Nation, but the spirit, and I think that is even more important nowadaj^s. Do I understand from you that consideration of him for appointment to the circuit court of appeals was A\T.thdrawn because he was to be nomhiated for Deputy Attorney General? Subseciuentl}^ I was told by Senator Weicker, and also in a kidding manner by Pat Gray, that he had been nominated for the Deput}'' Attorney Generalship and was going to take that instead of taking the life security of the second circuit court. But, I am not afraid of the responsibilities, nor do I fear to use the power in the national interest and in keeping ^^dth constitutional safe- guards. Thomas Jefferson said of Benjamin Franklin, "I succeed him; no one could replace him." I could and do say the same about Mr. If ollow him in a position of great responsibility to our people and to our Nation. Snide remarks and facetious comments lightly made often come back to haunt us. No, I don't feel that way at all because the Attorney General and I had previously agreed in this case that there would be an aggressively pursued investigation and we would hold it closely in the initial phases and that will be in the documents that I have introduced into the record today, sir. They give from their own strength, knowledge, and dedication so that others might live in safety and freedom.

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