Updating your version of flash

Critical Flash updates may be as regular as clockwork and as boring as dirt, but so long as Flash lives and criminals are exploiting it we have to stay on top of them.

I recommend choosing this option to keep Flash updated at all times to keep your security tight.

Adobe tries to include third-party offerings with the Flash download.

For example, in Firefox it asks you to download Mc Afee security and in Internet Explorer it recommends the Chrome browser and toolbar.

The Flash players bundled with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 10 and 8.1, will get it automatically.

Adobe advises that everyone else should update “via the update mechanism within the product” or by getting a freshly minted copy of its player from the Adobe Flash Player Download Center. After a quiet few months, July’s Patch Tuesday update from Adobe also saw Adobe Acrobat delivering an eye-catching “hold my beer” to its beleaguered stablemate with no fewer than 53 critical bugs fixed, and a bunch of others besides.

Most mainstream software companies like Adobe keep an eye out for security flaws in their software, so they can develop fixes for users.

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