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Then I moaned that my in-trunk CD changer held just six discs.Now I gripe because it might take me all of 15 seconds to find a song out of the thousands that sit in my glove box. I drive to the Bay Area a lot, and I know its roads just well enough to get myself thoroughly lost now and then.But I wasn't about to spend in excess of ,000 without getting i Pod control, so I threw in 0 more for the optional i Pod interface.

Yes, it's an episode of "The Three Stooges" -- originally recorded with El Gato's Eye TV, and then compressed and transferred to a fifth-generation i Pod -- playing in my car., my friends, is what personal technology is all about.

Pioneer's AVIC-N3 further improves your driving experience with a multitudeof advanced features.

The unit keeps drivers better informed — and entertained — with detailed map information for wider area, intuitive touch panel operation, GUI with improved visibility, and CD and/or DVD playback.

Yesterday, I introduced my new passenger: Pioneer's AVIC-Z1 car stereo, video player, and navigation system.

Let's take a closer look at the Z1's i Pod interface.

You can skip between tracks by pressing either the Next and Previous touch-screen buttons or by using the TRK button on the bottom of the Z1.

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