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🙂 The default VM setting is Sound Blaster 16 compatible.You can use the Windows Midi Synth, but I’ve seen some issues with games. C&C Gold 95 doesn’t seem to work – will investigate further without dx8.1 since it comes with dx3.With the same hardware and a WIN98 OEM installation, the Device Manager screen is totally different. Notice the Intel 82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE controller, Pro 100B ethernet card, and Yamaha sound card drivers all loaded from the WIN98 installation without any special effort. Under the System devices section the hardware components of the Intel 82371AB/82443LX/EX chipsets all show up. Even the onboard, USB controller of the 82371AB/EB chipset functions properly.Again, WIN98 has saved huge amounts of time and frustration.WIN95 didn't have the correct drivers, however, so these wound up in the Other devices hole. The sound card is the Yamaha OPL-SA3 built on the MB. Under System devices and Hard disk controllers more drivers are either missing or wrong, but this screen still illustrates the point nicely. In the example above the sound card isn't even in the correct section.These devices had to be reconfigured after the initial installation procedure.

The original version of WIN95 ended in 0, the first patch was version A. Look in the driver's configuration file, you will find something like: [Setup Disk] Windows Version=4.00 Setup File=I128_SET.

You can burn a CD or use an FTP program like I did. When you go to download the page renders pretty bad from whatever file service they use but it’s manageable.

Info on getting your sound to work (selecting Soundblaster 16 in the Audio config for the VM) can be found here: https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?

MS doesn’t support the OS so you can’t update from their site, either.

Luckily, there is a kind fellow who has provided a “Service Pack” of updates for the OS and has made it available for DL.

Laptops WIN98SE can save a huge amount of time in laptop installations.

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