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This can all get a bit confusing — even with these controls.Fortunately, you'll likely spend most of your time looking right at your columns, and not using the left menu all that much. The "Add Column" button is now part of the left menu, below the Column List.It makes some options more persistent, and grows depending on the number of tracked accounts and added columns.

Each column even lists little numbers, showing you its position at a glance. Sure, I'll miss the black background, just like I missed the Adobe AIR version of Tweet Deck.Tweet Deck — I’m intimately familiar with Tweet Deck because it is an indispensable tool in my work as a social media manager at the St. Of the two big displays linked to my newsroom Mac mini, the left display is taken up entirely by Tweet Deck’s multi-column interface.(In the photo below, you can also see Twitterrific, logged into my personal account, on the far right.) Tweet Deck is the choice for Twitter power users — the one you want if you need to stay current on massive amounts of Twitter activity at a glance.Any accounts tracked in columns will also appear as "@"s.Columns built based on search terms appear as magnifying glass symbols (one per search term).You can create columns based on any of nine different tweet facets, including "Mentions," "Lists," "Activity," and search.

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