The truth about boys and dating


For a woman, understanding a guy may need more things than just experience.You can date a few guys, yet this cannot help you understand men better.Men who don't get their (occasionally insatiable) need for feminine radiance met inside a relationship have no choice but to look elsewhere — whether they cheat, disappear, or just break up instead.Additionally, men who feel like they are constantly in a power struggle with a "type A female" may decide to tear their women down a few notches to tilt the balance of power back in their favor.If they were being honest, they'd have to admit that there are times when they are absolutely free, flowing, and feminine, but those are traits that women like this fear most.So, while I'm sure that their identity as a "very their relationships with men.But more than that, relationships can distract you from God. I know that I’ve written it before, but unless you’re looking for marriage, you probably shouldn’t be looking for love!

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The downside for those who are in relationships with that type of guy is that he is often unfaithful because so many women respond primitively to his darker, masculine energy that he has more choices available to him.

Perhaps the best real-life example of this scenario is actress Sandra Bullock and her ex-husband, motorcycle bad boy Jesse James, who publicly split after his serial infidelity was revealed in 2010another because they are strong enough to "take" her, these men are also the cheaters, verbal/emotional abusers, or worse.

Not only that, it will continue to sabotage them over and over again — until they change it.

The truth is that these women developed an adaptive strategy because they were rewarded for it countless times and have now made it their identity.

Your beliefs, habits, and behaviors have a huge influence on the response you're getting in your relationships, and results don't lie.

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