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Since then, Alex was flown to Los Angeles to appear on “Ellen.” (There were paparazzi waiting for him outside his hotel.)He has been approached by news outlets around the world, and he has turned down interview requests from ABC’s “Good Morning America,” E! He’s been offered advertising deals and sponsorships.Television, movie and modeling agents want to meet with him.” This message has since been retweeted more than 42,000 times and favorited by 86,000 users. While he answered most of my questions with short and sheepish replies, when I asked him about his girlfriend, Lindsey, he lit up, telling me that they met in chemistry class after sitting next to each other for a lab assignment.“I really wanted some Chicken Express, and she was like, ‘Hey, we should get some Chicken Express tomorrow.’ And we actually ended up getting Chicken Express the next day,” he buoyantly told me when describing their first date.

He was a little tired from staying up late and watching a movie with his friends, but other than that, “it was just a normal day,” Alex said, in his only news media interview since appearing on “Ellen” last week.

It got so out of hand that Molly transferred Alex to work in the stockroom for the rest of his shift.

When Alex finally turned on his phone around 6 p.m., it almost leapt out of his hand, with dings, chirps and vibrations from friends trying to inform him of his new celebrity.“I was getting tons of texts,” Alex said.

In a report, Buzz Feed said that the company’s claims simply don’t add up.)Thousands have taken to social media to call Alex names (including vulgarities) or fabricate stories about him being fired.

Twitter is littered with posts that denigrate his looks (e.g., “Alex from Target is so damn ugly”) or spew envy at him (“Alex from Target is a nobody who doesn’t deserve fame”).

A crafty marketing firm, Breakr, tried to take credit for Alex’s rise.

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