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Wilson describes the research that will play a critical role in this debate.In The Blood and the Shroud, he introduces information that points to the authenticity of the Shroud.In this book, Rogers shares with us his frank and often-unvarnished personal perspectives on his thirty year involvement in Shroud studies.He details his own research and backs it up with solid observations, chemical analysis and microscopy.A link for each book available from and other resellers can also be found on the "Shroud Booklist" page of this site.Some books are classified as "Hard To Find" and may require waiting up to three months for delivery so I have only included a few in that category. Rogers was the head of the chemistry experiments for the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP), the team of twenty-four researchers that performed the first ever in-depth scientific examination of the controversial relic in 1978.

In the end however, new data came to light that prompted his return to Shroud research, even though he was in failing health.The IRB reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy, and inclusion/exclusion of any research project under this procedure will be at the IRB’s discretion.During the extended approval period, principal investigators retain responsibility for all regulatory requirements including submission of modifications, reportable events, suspension and/or terminations.Part One is an updated, somewhat enlarged and colorfully illustrated edition of Cherpillod's book, "L'Impossible Objet" (see Ian Wilson's review in the BSTS Newsletter 1997). 8976-8981, which concludes that both images on the Shroud are caused by the natural and accidental interaction of solar rays and the spices used to anoint the body. Mouravieff 7, rue de la Paix, F-74240 GAILLARD (France) Tel./Fax: 33 4 50 31 38 56 Mobile: 41 79 433 19 24 E-mail: [email protected] Ian Wilson, author of the 1978 bestselling book, "The Shroud of Turin." In this book, he presents new scientific evidence that challenges the 1988 carbon dating and other arguments against the authenticity of the Shroud.Part Two is a detailed description of Mouraviev's theory as published in "Applied Optics" vol. Part Three deals with the modern scientific, epistemological, philosophical and ethical implications of the authenticity of the Shroud. Current studies, presented here by Wilson, have reversed the views of many people in the scientific and religious communities.In order to be eligible for the extended approval period, the research must present no more than minimal risk to human subjects as determined by the convened IRB or through an expedited review mechanism, and must not include any of the following: Expiration dates are maintained as the date assigned upon initial or continuing review (not at the time of a modification).

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