Spiritual soulmates dating


She also helps readers separate fantasy from reality as they consider potential dates.

Fun, wise, easy-to-read and loaded with practical and thoughtful tips. author of and host of the weekly radio show about relationships and identity, Low-Fat Love 101 on PWRTalk Radio “As a career intuitive I teach clients that reinvention is always required and that a broken heart is the perfect fuel for our great work.

But it doesn’t have to be that way with The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating, you can master the Art of Spiritual Dating and attract your true soul mate.

In this one-of-a-kind Spiritual Dater’s Toolkit, acclaimed healer and intuitive Amy Leigh lays out her spiritual yet sensible strategies for finding and keeping the love of your life, including how to: Empower Your Heart Live the Natural Law Separate Karmic Attraction from True Connection Identify the Four Men to Avoid Harness Your Own Sexual Energy Know Your Soulmates: Twin Flames and Divine Complements With Leigh’s perceptive and prescriptive advice, you’ll find yourself on the soulful journey of a lifetime to lasting love!

Instead of beginning an affair, begin the process of ending your marriage. If this person is so important to you that you will be willing to lie, cheat, and risk everything, shouldn’t they be important enough for you to hire an attorney and file some papers?

You cannot say you can’t resist the urge to begin dating a soul mate before divorce but you can resist the urge to end your prior relationship. If you want your soulmate in your life that bad, then you obviously don’t want your marriage in your life, so do the right thing.

By having an affair you are still avoiding the changes you need to make, so expect the problems that come with avoidance.

But if your soon to be ex finds out you met your soulmate, World War 3 seem tame compared to your divorce.

If you and your soulmate begin dating before hiring an attorney or filing for divorce, you are probably making the wrong move.

This uplifting book will help you embrace your higher self and powerful intuition to find your true partner – the one who sees you as the gifted genius you came here to be.” — Sue Frederick, Career Intuitive, Author of (St.

Martin’s Press) “For anyone hungering for a delightful, breezy, enjoyable guide on how to have fun dating from a spiritual perspective, this is the book for you. “The karma of dates is revealed in this in depth look at spiritual dating.

There’s love and then there’s the love of your life, your soul mate, your one true partner you were destined to share this journey with.

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