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ECONOMIST ENT WEEKLY FINANCIAL TIMES FORBES FOXNEWS FRANCE 24 FREE BEACON FREE REPUBLIC HOT AIR HELLO! White House struggles to contain political outcry... Mueller Team In Sealed Court With Lawyers for Roger Stone Associate... ABCNEWS ADWEEK ATLANTIC AXIOS BBC BILD BILLBOARD BLAZE BOSTON GLOBE BOSTON HERALD BREITBART BUSINESS INSIDER BUZZFEED CBS NEWS CBS NEWS LOCAL CELEBRITY SERVICE C-SPAN CHICAGO SUN-TIMES CHICAGO TRIB CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CNBC CNN DAILY BEAST DAILY CALLER DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD DER SPIEGEL E!6) Lung or heart problems may develop during following years, and are permanent.7) Radiations effects on the tissues continue to worsen for years after the initial treatment.1) Skin changes may include severe dryness, itching, peeling, blistering, skin burning, skin color change and sensitivity to sunlight. 3) Decrease in white blood cell count, which means a higher risk for infection.4) Possibilities: Anemia, diarrhea, hair loss in the treatment area, mouth problems, nausea and vomiting, sexuality changes, lymphoedema, restriction of movement, trouble swallowing, loss of appetite, urinary and bladder changes.

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This observation was reason to believe that such a chemotherapeutic agent could be successful in treating lymphoma - and indeed it was.Alternative, natural options - such as Cannabinoids, Antineoplastons, Hyperthermia, Gc MAF and diet change - are not supported or recommended by conventional medicine and are in fact shot down, suppressed and persecuted. b) Trillions of dollars would be lost by big pharma and their investors, oncologists, and conventional medical professionals.c) Alternative, natural, non-toxic cancer therapy options cost a fraction compared to conventional toxic cancer therapy.d) Chemo and drug expenses keep the Western medical protocol establishment wealthy, whereas suggesting diet changes, Vitamin D (sunshine) and daily exercise offers no profit.Doctors are not allowed to tell the truth that cancer patients need to cut out sugar from their diet as it feeds cancer.Did you know that mammograms cause cancer, and give false information frequently resulting in unnecessary mastectomies, chemo and radiation?

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