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“I realized that this decision had to be made one way or the other, but I’m one of those people who can’t eat when they’re stressed. Describing it as “a classic case of two people growing apart” she spoke of “finding the courage to realize that it was the best decision for my family, for myself, for my kids and for Bert.” She urged others not to take their own spouses for granted and to focus on each other every day. plenty of real chicago media goings on to talk about since you've been gone. Mark Jeffries January 3, 2011 at pm "Tramp Steamer": Please tell me who the top Chicago morning radio personality is in the 25-to-54 women money demo.

As much as I love food, it was torture for me not to have an appetite. Though sensitive about her children’s privacy, keeping the matter to herself was never an option, she said, “because my job is pretty much talking about my personal life. And then tell me why recent changes in Kathy Hart's personal life are "who cares? goodoldnumbernine January 3, 2011 at pm You have to admire the success of the E&K show, but they aren't the first in this market to live their personal lives out on the air.

My family tells me I should just give up on this...

According to Q101 radio, a woman is "undesirable" after she hits 44 years of age, anyone want to date "grandma" here???

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Then I’d get off the air and go in my office and close the door and just cry. That may be TMI [too much information], but my stomach didn’t handle it very well.” In October, Hart finally made up her mind and disclosed her breakup on the air and in her blog. Don January 3, 2011 at am If she really wants to get me to listen, give me the REAL details...know....about the "old friend" she stumbled upon after her break up. From The Foksal Of ATramp Steamer January 3, 2011 at am welcome back mr. now enough with the who cares soap opera of miss kathy...

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That was obviously a big mistake.” The toughest part, she recalled, came over the summer: “For months I struggled with what to do while hiding it from everyone. This lady makes it seem like she's some sort of victim. Sounds like someone who reads Us Weekly and a little too much. Been in the game long enough to know that probably didn't just come out of nowhere? Feel for the man who has to know now his lady was stepping out on him or at the very least couldn't wait to step out on him. Pretty fake and caters to a low common denominator.7. Andrew Patner January 3, 2011 at am Will this affect their appearances on CTA bus adboards and Bishop Ford expressway billboards? They dynamic between the people on the show; Eric, Kathy, Melissa, and now Whip works.

There were certain songs that we played that got me emotional. Attention starved is the first thing that comes to mind. Confucius Jackson January 3, 2011 at am Great to have you back, Robert! Eric (with Swany, his producer) know their audience and sets up a great show for the others to participate in; their show isnt just "slapped" together like so many other cookie cutter shows; thats why they're on top of the ratings! Jill Whammy January 3, 2011 at am So Kathy already has a boyfriend.her kids and soon to be ex at home... You have this so called wholesome broadcast company with all kinds of dirty laundry on this show ..

Even as the top-rated morning show she co-hosts with Eric Ferguson was having its most successful year ever, her personal life was in turmoil while she struggled with the prospect of leaving her husband after 14 years.

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