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During the wedding time, Paula was surrounded by fallouts and criticism because of her admitting in a deposition released in June where she used the N-word which allegedly shamed her.In a phone interview with Savannah now, Bobby said, “When the sky fell on my family, it was everything to have Claudia by my side, but unfortunately, the people who did that to my mother.So, even though I had heard some rumblings about someone he was "dating" last year, I was surprised to see this pic below in the April issue of Food Network Magazine, clearing identifying the woman next to Bobby as "his girlfriend Katy": I guess that's official, then..though the pic was taken back in Oct. Are you surprised to see Bobby with a girlfriend kind of publicly... There are some women in this world who are totally bonkers and then there are other women who are double-bubble-bonkers. ) More research led me to find out that Katy (my wife's actual name by the by) is currently dating Paula Deen's son, Bobby Deen, who is not nearly as fat as you would think Paula's son should be.The news comes on the heels of Paula's announcement that she is launching her own digital network after her high-profile dismissal from the Food Network following her racial scandal in 2013.The famous cook and a cooking show host Bobby Deen who is the youngest son of the even more famous Paula Deen is currently a married man but the question is who his wife is. The network has dropped Jamie Deen, the youngest son of former Food Network star Paula Deen, from their lineup, a source confirms to E! Though the Food Network had no comment, our source tells us Jamie's show , is no longer in production and hasn't been since early 2013.

Bobby, who has his own Cooking Channel show called Not My Mama's Meals, apparently answered "Si" when asked the traditional...I guess Dickhead Deen over there needed room to stick his hands in his pockets. When you're dating a Neely, sometimes you have to go fishing with their gross friends. He is best known as one of the sons of Paula Deen, and together with his brother, Jamie, runs her restaurant, The Lady & Sons, in Savannah, Georgia.He also frequently appears on her shows, Paula's Home Cooking and Paula's Party.Maybe they both are focusing on their career and securing their future, and it only seems right to do it.

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