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Life was going along fine and we were all happy together. My Dad was killed by a hit and run driver, while riding his motorcycle to work in Los Angeles.

It was such a tragedy for all of us, I was 15, Hanna was only 14 and Mom was 32.

After graduating High School my parents got married and got a place together in Reseda.

Then my sister Hanna was born, I was just a 1 year old and my parents were 18.

He let us have it for free, as long as we stayed in college and kept the place clean.

I wanted to take care of Mom and help her through this rough patch. We embraced for almost a minute before we broke apart. "I also called your boss and said you were not feeling well.I was able to save money and pay for all my college tuition by myself.My Mom was starting to have big problems with her new guy Mark after I moved out.Her breasts were now big like Mom's and she had a perfect round ass to die for. Then one day after school, Hanna came home to find Mark in her room sniffing her used panties. I was on my way home from college so I swung by and picked her up around the corner of the house. I drove us to Mom's work and got her outside to explain the situation. She took the afternoon off to take care of the situation. She handed out bags to us and threw the rest at Mark. Mom asked me to go to the garage and toss his junk in his truck.I pulled up and she jumped in, she was real upset and freaked out. Next door to my Mom's work is a glass shop and she's good friends with the owner. They have a big strong ex football player named Larry working there. Larry & Mom had him packed up in short time and kicked him out.She also sounded like she had been drinking, who could blame her. I decided to call in sick to work and also called my Mom's boss to let her know she wasn't feeling well. "I have the weekend off from school, work and Chris.

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