Multiple sclerosis dating someone


I want them to know how serious the disease is and understand what MS is but, at the same time I don’t want to scare them. This has been something I’ve struggled with not only when telling guys I’m interested in, but friends as well.The first year I was a total mess and kind of in denial, partying a lot, but this past year I have really worked on myself and realized who and what I need in my life, and I’m doing really well both emotionally and physically.I know you probably have a lot of questions and I don’t want you to feel awkward about asking me anything.

” “I had a lot of fun tonight, thanks for taking me to the movies. Bad joke- I actually have a disease that I will live with for the rest of my life that attacks my central nervous system and sometimes gives me skewed vision for weeks at a time.Unfortunately, a lot of people my age have no clue what MS is so they do what everyone does when trying to learn about something: Google it.For all the good that it can be used for, the world wide web can be our biggest enemy as individuals with a disease.I want to teach those in my life about it while somehow convincing them they can treat me the same as everyone else my age.This is a challenge because MS is such a debilitating disease both physically and emotionally.I revealed to him all about my blogs and how I was writing with hope that my experiences with MS would help others deal with theirs.

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