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Though on the surface, this rule seemed a simple one, employers often found it challenging to maintain compliance, as suppliers were often uncooperative about providing updated sheets when no material changes had been made to the product.Under WHMIS 2015, suppliers are held responsible to ensure that SDS are accurate at the time of sale, and the sheets must be updated when the supplier becomes aware of any changes to the product’s classification, or modifications to the ways an individual can protect against the hazards of the product.In The United States and Canada manufacturers and/or suppliers must provide proper material safety data sheets.These documents must meet all regulatory requirements as specified by Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) in The United States, and Workplace Hazardous Materials Identification System (WHMIS) in Canada.BCHAZMAT can assist you in writing your material safety data sheets (SDS).Your organization—large or small—will feel comfortable relying on BCHAZMAT‘s dependable MSDS data sheets and MSDS updating expertise.Should such a change occur, the SDS must be updated within 90 days of the supplier’s becoming aware of the new information.

They want a focused database of the products they use, with a system in place that regularly notifies them of updates for both their electronic and hardcopy inventories.

Our experts can answer your health and safety, transportation, workplace regulation questions plus much more. One of the major components of regulatory compliance is based on four simple words – material safety data sheets (SDS’s).

These SDS’s are the base of your company’s safety compliance program.

Facilities must submit a revised MSDS upon the discovery of significant new information concerning a hazardous chemical for which an MSDS was previously submitted, for any new hazardous chemical for which a facility becomes subject to the reporting requirements of Part 370, or as requested by the LEPC (§370.31).

BCHAZMAT offers MSDS/SDS Writing Services, with full creation of Safety Data Sheets for chemicals in a variety of different industries, such as process manufacturing, healthcare, power utilities, retail, consumer products, aerospace and defense, flavor and fragrances, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and pesticides.

There are no regulatory requirements to correct or update submitted Tier II information from prior years.

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