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forked-daapd is a complete rewrite of mt-daapd (Firefly Media Server). Go to references to find instructions for previous versions of forked-daapd.Before you continue, make sure you know what version of forked-daapd you have, and what features it was built with (e.g. If you are looking for help on building forked-daapd (not using it), then please see the INSTALL file.To check for network issues you can try to connect to address and port with telnet.forked-daapd will discover the Air Play devices available on your network.Instead all soundcards detected by Pulseaudio will be listed as speakers by forked-daapd.

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In addition to local audio, Pulseaudio also supports an array of other targets, e.g. However, Pulseaudio does require some setup, so here is a separate page with some help on that: README_Note that if you select Pulseaudio the “card” setting in the config file has no effect.

Just drop your playlist somewhere in your library with an .m3u or extension and it will pick it up.

If the playlist contains an http URL it will be added as an internet radio station, and the URL will be probed for Shoutcast (ICY) metadata.

forked-daapd should support pretty much all audio formats.

It relies on libav (or ffmpeg) to extract metadata and decode the files on the fly when the client doesn’t support the format.

On mac OS the command is: key is required but its value does not matter.

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