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Mr Maleary said he regretted not arresting Mr Horne for a public order offence after the incident and said he thought it was going to end up with him being assaulted.Mr Horne has also been found to have pushed and thrown a stress ball at Chief Superintendent Carl O’Malley in two separate incidents between May 2015 and October 2016.He said he had no recollection of either incident, but both were witnessed by former Assistant Chief Constable Maurice Mason who has since retired from the force.On both occasions, all three men were having a meeting about police business, and Mr Horne pushed Mr O’Malley causing him to fall backwards onto a desk and threw a stress ball at him which hit him in the throat and left a red mark.Matthew "Matt" Furnish was one of the main characters in the CBBC show "So Awkward". Matt Furnish is a 13 year old boy and Lily's Ex-Boyfriend. He is good friends with Lily and wants to know her better although throughout the series it appears that Matt is clueless to the fact that Lily wants him to be her boyfriend!A SENIOR police officer will keep his job despite being found guilty of misconduct for throwing a stress ball at a colleague.Mr Horne then swore at him several times and warned him he must improve his performance.

His behaviour was found to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in the areas of authority, respect and courtesy and discreditable conduct.A special case hearing will be held to determine what sanction will be applied but Mr Horne will not lose his job because gross misconduct was not proven.Mr Horne has been on secondment since last year at the National Crime Agency as deputy director general.No-one involved in the case made official complaints but the incidents arose in an employment tribunal against Essex Police which was eventually dismissed. An Essex Police spokesman said: “We note the findings of the panel.“A further hearing will be held in public in due course in order that the Chief Constable, as appropriate authority, can decide on what sanction will be applied.He initially faced four allegations but investigators found he did not have a case to answer over one of them.

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