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When Ned is attacking Mike with the sword and then skewers his suit jacket, as soon as Mike fumbles out of the jacket both of his long shirt sleeves (one of the cuffs hangs out of the jacket sleeve) are suddenly folded up on his forearms, between shots.

Additionally, the dangling left shirt sleeve cuff repeatedly moves in and out of the suit sleeve, and even after the jacket is discarded the cuff folds up, down, back up and so on.

I'm going to get this out, I am one of the rare girls that just doesn't get the whole Zac Efron heart throb thing, I agree that he's cute, but with mainly High School Musical only being his claim to fame other than Hairspray, he is adorable, but can he act? I can't believe I'm saying this, he was actually a good strong lead role and a perfect fit, he has charisma, he's funny, charming and makes this story worth your time and money.

In 1989, Michael O' Donnell was a star athlete with a full college scholarship imminent.

While paying a visit to Hayden High School to reminisce about the life he threw away, he encounters a strange beardy janitor, who I still swear is Bob Haskins.

On the way home, is magically transformed back into his 17-year old self.

They were (1) nominated by their party for the presidency and (2) featured in at least three major national polls.

Seven electors, however, cast votes for other candidates. The results listed above are based on reports from state secretary of state offices and election boards.

While looking at his high school photo, a janitor asks him if he wishes he could be 17 again and he says yes.

One night while driving he sees the janitor on a bridge ready to jump, and goes after him.

With Ned posing as his father, he re-enrolls in high school, believing he has been given the chance to have his life over again, "but to do it right".

However, he then discovers that his daughter is dating the basketball captain Stan, who is bullying his son.

But at what's supposed to be his big game where a college scout is checking him out, Scarlet reveals that she's pregnant.

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