Islamic love dating site in saudi arabia


When non-Saudi women get involved with Saudi men, they should expect that any children from the marriage will also be Muslim.That isn’t to say you won’t find secular families that are very open-minded and will accept you with open arms, but these are not as common.They maintained the affair back in the kingdom and finally attempted to flee the country together in 1977, but they were caught before they got very far.The princess refused to simply denounce her lover and confessed to the adultery, enraging her conservative grandfather, Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, brother of the king.

The exception is very rare, I’ve yet to meet the wife of a Saudi that is not Muslim.

The Saudi authorities attempted to keep the whole affair quiet, but it caused international outcry in 1980 when it became the subject of a docu-drama entitled , broadcast on the BBC and PBS.

The Saudis responded by trying to suppress the film, and they failed.

She soon became yet another victim of the system, as were the so-called patients (political prisoners) she was trying to help. We have been told to lose all hope of ever having a normal life.

Maha, Jawaher and I have all been drugged at some point . Halloween is banned in the Saudi kingdom, as are most foreign holidays, for their “un-Islamic” nature.

Back home, hooking up is practically a foregone conclusion when you spark with a guy.

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