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United Kingdom games "Democracy" (2005) and "Democracy 2" (2007) featured Freedonia as a playable country.

In the Doctor Who episode "The Shakespeare Code" (2007), the Doctor claims his companion Martha Jones is from Freedonia.

In December 1826, a group of Anglo-American settlers and filibusters led by Empresario Haden Edwards in what is now Texas, declared the "Republic of Freedonia" centered in the town of Nacogdoches.

This was the first attempt by Anglo settlers in Texas to secede from Mexico and form an independent state. Firefly, played by Groucho Marx, take control and run the country.

It can be anything from a noun describing a plausible yet fictional country, to an adjective ("Freedonian") used to characterize a place like the Freedonia of Duck Soup.

Because the Marx Brothers' Freedonia had so many qualities—autocracy, diminutiveness, and obscurity, to name but a few—a place can be described as "Freedonian" for having any one of these qualities.

The Marx Brothers replied "Change the name of your town.

It is hurting our picture." The American game publisher FASA's name was originally supposed to stand for "Freedonian Aeronautics and Space Administration." In their first publication (a set of starship deck plans for the game Traveller), the accompanying introduction was signed "Rufus T Firefly, Director".

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To be honest this post subject still explains why I skip them: too many slow loading tabs, with almost no relevant text...Fredish, an adjective to denote the relations and concerns of the United States Example.Fredon is probably better supplied with the materials of her own history than Britain, France, or any country in the world, and the reason is obvious, for the attention of the Fredonians was much sooner directed, after their settlement, to the collection and preservations of their facts and records than that of the Dutch and Irish.There are always going to be risks involving security when the internet is concerned.It is something that we cannot control but could prevent on a certain scale.In the Sierra Entertainment PC game Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire (1990), the character Ali Chica is a parody of Chico Marx.

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