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Important to schedule those exams when you call for the appointment as either the “Welcome to Medicare Physical or the annual Medicare wellness exam.If you schedule it as a physical it will be billed wrong EVERY time.When you are new to Medicare part B (first six months) a company has to take you and they have to pay for you.After that six month open enrollment window, they can ask the medical quesitons and turn you down.You DO NOT want part B of medicare because it will just lay there and do nothing and cost you money to have it.When you add part B of Medicare later it triggers a new open enrollment period and protects your insurability.You go down to the store and buy the cheapest ones because they will all make the same cake.

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Just to be safe – I recommend that you ask your doctor to call the phone number for providers on the back of your prescription drug plan ID card before he prescribes a new med for you.YES – but after six months pass from your Medicare Part B effective date the open enrollment window closes and you would have to prove insurability to move up in coverage.The Medical Underwriting is easier than one might think, but there are plenty of situations that would cause a company to decline such a move.2) If there are fewer than 20 employees there – You MUST have both parts A and B of Medicare as under this scenario Medicare is Primary to employer coverage.NOTE – if this is you, I strongly suggest that you not stay on the employer plan and enroll in a Medicare plan right away since your open enrollment period ends six months after your Part B effective date and you would have to prove insurability to add a Medicare Supplement Plan after that open enrollment period ends.Therefore, if you choose a Plan F now you can change carriers and get a new plan F later on as you would be grandfathered in.

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