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High definition visuals and audio make the cam sex shows at Sexchatster the highest quality adult webcam show you'll ever get to watch.While most sex cams online require you to spend money, we provide you with free webcams, all the time.Edit - Specs on Cam: Intake Exhaust Valve Adjustment 0 0 Gross Valve Lift 0.47 0.47 Duration At 0.006 Tappet Lift 270 270 Valve Timing At 0.006 Open Close Intake 29 61 Exhaust 69 21 These Specs Are For The Cam Installed At 106 Intake CL Intake Exhaust Duration At 0.05 224 224 Lobe Lift 0.313 0.313 Lobe Separation 110 What heads are you running? If you're running dished pistons and large chamber heads it'll be overcammed by far.The cam must match the compression ratio for good overall power.Regardless of the chat room feature that you use, you'll get to talk to strangers on webcam and have cyber sex for free.Free chat means you can use this site all day long without having to deal with credit card bills or demanding cam girls.Balanced Crankshaft I think the gears are still stock, and we'll be using the stock TQ converter.

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Do you want to feel like you're having sex with porn stars?Not sure if my (new) motor mount was faulty or the 1-2 shift is a bit too violent ?Just wondering because I'm about to buy it for my sbc 350 (bored .030 over so it'll be a 355). If you want more sound at idle id say go with the magnum if you want a good all around street cam go wit the 270 XE IMO. I have headers/intake so all that was taken care of. I decided to try something different in my 496 and went with a 292 magnum and it sounds like a pro stocker at idle havent tried it on the street yet though. The 270 is suppose to be the biggest cam you can put in with a stock conv. I know it'll be different because of people's different intakes etc... Yeah, I was looking at that one also, but was told the 270H was better for power steering and power brakes. They have very crisp throttle response and excellent low end torque with respectable top end, however they dont have that snappity snap sound at idle but when you step down on it they sure do make some noise. It really picks up power above 2500 rpms but the idle is good. I idle at 900 rpms and have no trouble dirivng the car. (mine is stock 2.73) It really likes to sit above that 2000 rpms mark to make power now this is with heads made for 1800 and above flow so each set up will be diffrent.Whether you're looking for free cams, adult chat rooms or even webcam porn, you'll find it all right here.

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