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Give us a really good reason, however, and we'll toss the tablets aside, along with most of our clothing and inhibitions. If you call within 24 hours, you'll seem desperate. You say, "Hey, Lisa Jones, this is Will--the guy you danced to 'Blue Monday' with on Saturday night. Don't ask me to "hang out." When you ask me to "hang out" and it's just the two of us and you don't have a girlfriend (or boyfriend), I assume it's a date.

The rules are unwritten (until now), but they are set in stone. If you want to see me naked tonight, call me before you're drunk at 1 a.m.

w how to do is this: I do not comment on a woman’s appearance or offer compliments even if I think she’s a knockout.

It’s been a policy of mine to avoid making ANY comment along those lines, thinking that women hear stuff like that from guys all the time on first dates and that it might seem like a “line,” or a come-on, or insincere.

I’ve been on dates where girls left after half an hour because they were simply bored out of their minds.

Honestly, my social skills were so terrible I almost gave up all hope.

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Yes, the burden of proof is on you, but we're looking for the case of a lifetime. Here's how to clear all objections, from the best counselors I know: the single, the available, the hotties who've been waiting for you to come along. Click on page 2 below to learn about The Flirtation. I've already sent you the Zoolander eye lock, the eyebrow raise, and/or at least two smiles (full, open-lipped, teeth smiles). Caveat: There's a small chance I just think you're funny looking, but go ahead, have some balls. You now have 5 minutes to convince me to keep talking. By being totally ambigious, you can turn a boring or unexciting situation in a very exciting one. You: hmm I love girls who wear those, they always look so sexy *holds eye contact the entire time to really drive up the tension*Or, in the same situation: You: so you know what you’re going to wear? Do you have a picture of yourself wearing nothing so I can imagine you with the dress on.I’ll give you an example: Both of you are talking about going to a classy dance, like a college prom or a new years eve gala. The thing is, these things happen without planning them. You can’t try to steer a conversation you’re having with a girl to the example I gave here; that’d be weird and rather creepy. Part 2: The Date and Part 3: Naked Dating are listed under Related Articles) You pick me up at 8, and it's game on. We hear every message you send -- intentional or not. We want you to show a certain degree of eagerness, but not desperation. Pound the number into your cellphone, or borrow a pen from the bartender. That's because we want you, the right guy, to make the decision easy for us: not guilty by reason of insanity (i.e., crazy in love). If you wait 3 days, I'll be annoyed that you purposely waited 3 days. To avoid confusion, say, "I'd like to take you out" instead of, "Wanna hang out? If you call me twice and get no callback, game over. I know, it’s a lot harder than it sounds, but that’s because I don’t have to think about it anymore. Look up pictures of attractive men, look up tips on how to dress in an attractive way, and go to the gym at least 4 times a week.

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