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Welcome to Ellen Page Online, the first and foremost fansite dedicated to Canadian actress Ellen Page.Here you will find the latest news and the most up to date information, the biggest photo gallery online, video clips, movie trailers, wallpapers, an awesome message board and much more... -» The Rabbit is usually cautious, sensible and reserved.People born in the Year of the Rabbit want to live in peace and comfort and protect their peaceful life. People born under the rule of Pine are extremely tenacious in fulfilling their life goals.For her role in Jason Reitman's comedy film Juno, Page received Academy Award, BAFTA, Golden Globe and Screen Actors ...

They have good manners but they can be a bit cheeky.While the former presidential candidate barbequed pork chops at the Iowa State Fair, Page grilled him on his opposition to legislation which would ban discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation.She remains unhappy about the current administration. “Whether it’s abortion rights or LGBT rights or voter suppression, it’s a really alarming time right now.” Ellen Page in Juno: “I feel incredibly fortunate for what I have.Page ventured into films, winning attention after starring in the 2005 drama Hard Candy, before her breakthrough role as Juno.Her other notable film roles have been in X-Men: The Last Stand, Smart People, Whip It, Super, Inception and X-Men: Days of Future Past, as well as providing the voice acting, motion capture and likeness for Jodie Holmes in the video game Beyond: Two Souls.“I’m so lucky to keep doing this job that I love and be able to be out.” Out – and how.

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