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Through playing any mode in Rugby 18 you earn Squad Points which you can spend in My Squad to create your own team. You can only play with your My Squad in quick matches, and with no online infrastructure in the game except the ability to play one-off games, there’s really no point in making a My Squad at all.

It’s weird, and leaves you with a feeling of, “Is this it?

However, this is pretty misleading, as sometimes your player will freeze or stop instead of a attempting a tackle, which again leads to frustration and to your opponent making big gains.

Yet the worst thing about Rugby 18 is its complete lack of interesting modes.

Aside from playing quick match, there’s either League mode – in which you can play a season of the Premiership, Top 14, Pro12, or Pro D2 – or there’s Career mode, a sort of single-player FIFA Ultimate Team in which you buy players for your squad, earn points, and go up divisions improving your team until you reach the top.

What’s more, it’s also very difficult to pick up the ball once it’s on the floor, as your players seem to want to run everywhere but up to it due to the somewhat clunky movement controls.

Like offensive play, defensive play is simple yet also frustrating.

While the change certainly isn’t revolutionary, Eko Software has evolved the franchise closer to where it needs to be, yet it still falls behind the level that games like Jonah Lomu Rugby reached 20 years ago.

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