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1 brand sold" in nearly 4,000 Walmart stores, according to the, this is no "celebrity publicity sort of name slapping endeavor." In fact, Carmel reportedly approached Barrymore when she was "in Italy studying Pinot Grigio" as part of her quest to learn how to make Italian wine.Barrymore and Kato have crafted a rosé, a pinot noir, and a pinot grigio under the Carmel label.For the (2012) actress, the process is more about creative fulfillment than it is about profit. We're all about integrity and just trying to deliver something delicious, lovely and memory making." Not only is Barrymore appearing less on screen, but she even scaled back on her directorial efforts to maintain a steady home life with her daughters. My daughters and I got to go out to California and I got three days off a week," she told of her surprisingly chill experience shooting the first season of the Netflix zombie comedy."We are trying to pace ourselves smartly," she said. "You know that you're going to miss out on your child's upbringing or you realize that your relationship is going to suffer if you work night and day and weekends," she told "I would miss out on my daughter. "It was heartbreaking to let go, but it was a clear choice. She also felt that playing the character of Sheila, a suburban wife whose life gets turned inside out when she inexplicably develops a taste for human flesh, was something of a catharsis. I feel like maybe I was dead inside," Barrymore told . I was in a place in my life where I had gained a lot of weight, and been in a place of fear and sadness, and I felt stuck.But nothing is ever going to let me slow down on tying the knot with the woman that I love," he gushed. We're still doing spring of next year.""We've narrowed down the location.We're doing a wedding in Europe, but we haven't exactly picked a final city yet," he continued. " WATCH: 'Property Brothers' Star Drew Scott Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend Linda Phan The Canadian TV star joked that he's already waited far too long to marry Linda, who works as a member of Scott Brothers Entertainment, the production team Drew shares with his twin brother, Jonathan Scott."My brother keeps making fun of me," Drew revealed. Here, I'm just whirling through the whimsical world of wardrobe at @dancingabc 😍 . #👰🏻 #weddingdressup #weddingwednesday #wedsday #whensday #whyiswednesdayspelledfunny A post shared by Linda Phan (@imlindork) on -- his individual routine with Emma, and a Trio Night dance with reigning mirrorball champion Rashad Jennings.

It's not hard to get jealous of these men that Drew Barrymore has gone out with, so try your hardest to contain your envy.

Speaking with , Barrymore explained that her role as a Cover Girl brand rep wasn't the only experience she had with makeup: her work in film actually helped her prepare for a beauty line.

"I think they are very similar because both are about storytelling and marketing," she said.

She does yoga and resistance training, whenever she can.

last week, where he gave us the scoop on how he and his fiancée are taking time out of their ultra-busy schedules to plan the wedding."To be honest, our lives are always busy.

A likable, boyish-looking actor with thick eyebrows and a friendly smile, Justin Long is a native of Connecticut.

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