Dating slump


If you're a single individual who hasn't been intimate in some time you may also need to get to root of the issue. Is there something you're afraid of that's holding you back from pursuing sex?

We would also like to mention that there's nothing wrong with discovering that you're not interested in sex because, well, you don't want to have it.

Asexuality (defined as the lack of sexual attraction to others, or low/absent interest in or desire for sexual activity) is a very real thing.

It is certainly worth researching this further to determine if you idenitfy with this community or not.

Meanwhile, Shade is informed by Becca that their former custody arrangement is back in place; and Angie must decide where her relationship with Nolan is going.

For many of us, sexuality is a major (in some cases, crucial) element to our romantic relationships.

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It sounds a bit harsh, but sometimes the truth behind a sexual slump with a long-term partner is that you're .

This truly starts with the conversation (whether that be with someone or yourself) mentioned above. Oftentimes, what creates a sexual slump is a lack of connection with your partner.

You're going about your separate lives, joined together maybe only by a home or by children. Plan dates, make time for late-night pillow talk, and schedule some time to be intimate; this could mean penciling in time for sex or even just beginning with cuddling, prolonged eye contact, or hand play.

Consider bringing toys into the bedroom, playing around with some bondage, watching pornography together, and perhaps even some BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism.) If those things sound a little scary, don't freak out!

Start slow until you both begin to discover what rekindles your fire.

Yes, it will be uncomfortable, but every relationship relies on your ability to keep the lines of communcation open.

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