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Lee said he was particularly worried about ethnic Chinese couples who choose to hold back from having babies during Tiger years because of a superstition that children born during the period will have the animal's fierce attributes.

Singapore's fertility rate dipped to its lowest level ever at 1.23 babies per woman in 2009, down from 1.28 in 2008 and well below the 2.1 replacement rate needed for a stable population, he said.

What to expect at our events: - Group interaction with guaranteed rotations facilitated by accredited dating practitioners - Secret admiration and matching - Verified single status of all participants - Group gender ratio of 40/60 to 50/50.

Conventional Dating Agencies, Dating Events or Dating Apps/Websites serve ONLY as a PLATFORM to meet potential partners, and this is further more constrained by a LIMITED pool of candidates, no matter how large the database is. In an alternate scenario, when you do meet that person of interest, would you screw it up?

Since inception, Love Express has maintained a strong track record and customer testimonies are frequently received.

Event feedback has been good with over 85% of "Excellent” and “Good” service ratings.

You would definitely find something that interests you.

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Violet set up Lunch Actually in 2004 with her then fiancé, now husband Mr Jamie Lee, after observing her family, friends and colleagues complained about having little time for love due to their busy schedules.Men, and even women, should tackle these issues by equipping themselves with hard social skills instead and meet people out there - WITHOUT the stress of expecting an ROI from a potential partner in a process that's supposed to be organic and spontaneous.You don't throw yourself into a Jungle without survival skills.The Jungle would only serve useful if you know your way around it.There are billions of people out there, why not explore and meet them? Violet has been contributing to the match-making industry and the community.

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