Dating nicknames

It then tried for Treasure State, but Montana wanted that.

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I have used numerous reference sources for this research, although I don't include them individually here as this page is already rather long. Not surprisingly there are often conflicts between sources when it comes to details, and I've tried to express this in the text.

However, Alaska is more commonly (but unofficially) known as The Last Frontier, or The Land of the Midnight Sun.

Alaska licence plates display North to the Future When Arizona was admitted to the union in 1912, it quickly gained the nickname The Baby State, which it held on to until 1959 when Alaska was admitted.

It was even at one time referred to as Up Over (in comic opposition to New Zealand and Australia, which are "Down Under").

Various facetious nicknames were also applied, including Seward's Ice Box and Seward's Folly, after William Henry Seward who bought Alaska from the Russians in 1867.

Admitted to the union 100 years from the founding of the Union, Colorado quickly became known as The Centennial State.

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