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I read some comments about Ji An's character referring to her being weak but I call bs. So unfair to make him pay for his family like that, must be a Korean thing though.Even the strongest people have a breaking point, everyone has a breaking point and this writer perfectly conveyed that. There's plenty of better written dranas with better story lines then showing greed and deseption. regretfully but i have to dump this drama by epi 13 i cant believe the writer hasnt start the drama yet when is he planned to do it by epi 20 or 30? He needed to "meet someone who could appreciate him" for who he was instead of trying to change him. Anyone who has been in a complicated relationship will 100% appreciate the writing.

Even good people have their bad moments and can become selfish whether it's concerning your family, career or love etc. In fact, the pain "he caused" was not by his own hand, unlike the pain she caused him which was by her own hand directly.

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Ji-An was always portrayed as strong and sensible throughout this series, and yet, when the time arrived for her to be at her most sensible and strongest mental state, during the time between the grandfather's revelation and her father's demise, she showed incredibly little character growth.

I expected her love for Do-Kyung to win out over any justifiable grudge she might have held against his family.

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