Dating for lonely

Your antique clock strikes seven — it’s time to meet your gentlemen friend for dinner.

So you slip into your Porsche, which is insured and paid for in full, no car loan required, and head to the Bellagio where you’ll meet him in the bar for pre-dinner drinks.

I don’t think she ever expected me to use her advice to decide whether I would date rich men for money, but hey, life’s weird.

In the Women Entrepreneur series My First Moves, we talk to founders about that pivotal moment when they decided to turn their business idea into a reality—and the first steps they took to make it happen.

Now, usually, this would just be something I would read, laugh at and then forget.

But here’s the thing — I’ve been on the hunt for a secondary source of income for a while now.

I considered investing, or buying lotto tickets, or selling arts-and-crafts on Etsy, but none of them quite have the lazy-appeal of being paid to go out to dinner.

So, in the interest of exploring all possible avenues of personal finance, I’ve done what my mum always said I should do when faced with a tricky decision and made a list of pros and cons.

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However, I am lonely for female companionship and afraid I’ll die without ever having had another girlfriend. DEAR HOPELESS: I’m sorry women in your age range don’t qualify, because it would be easier for you if they did.

I’m not attracted to women my age, and I don’t see younger women being attracted to an overweight old guy who isn’t even scraping by on Social Security. To be appreciated for the person you are, you will have to meet through mutual friends, church or an activity you enjoy — something that will allow women to see the strengths you have.

However, if that doesn’t open some doors and some hearts, because you’re looking for unconditional love, consider adopting a puppy.

Dating, a site for Trump supporters that promises to “make dating great again.” The site is just one of many made possible by Miami-based company Friends Worldwide, who are also responsible for niche dating sites like Movie Lovers Online, U. Military Singles, French Singles Online, and Nas Match, a dating site for people with a capacity for love larger than their devotion to Nascar.

DEAR ABBY: I am a 70-year-old male former teacher and social worker.

“Women today are told that we can get what we want, we just have to work harder for it,” Kennedy says.

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