Dating christian wisdom prayer

We want to extend the opportunity to join thousands of believers like you, to send a prayer request to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.Millions arrive every year on a pilgrimage to the holy church to visit and confess their prayers.Traveling to the Holy Land is an expensive proposition. Zebie I prayed that my wife and I would get a loan for our very first house, after renting for over 14 years and our prayers have been answered we close next week. Praise be to God and Jesus his son our lord and savior. She has a Montissori school that has agreed to take her and work with her to catch up on the things she is behind on, due to issues with her Current teacher.Holy Land Prayer enables you to bring God’s love to you, or to those whom you are praying for. Ann It is with the greatest thank you for praying for my dear son Connor.Thank you, Shirly I sent a prayer request last year for Thomas as he was doing his GCSE EXAMS and he excelled in all the core subjects6A*s and 4As and 2Bs Thank you so much for all the prayers and thank and praise you Jesus.I received my certificate of Authenticity today – thank you so much.I was amazed when I saw the video of the candle that was lit on my behalf at the Holy Sepulcher complete with my prayer request to JESUS! FOR I AM BELIEVER IN THE POWER OF I do want to share my testimony for the prayer request.

Sending a prayer request to this holiest of holy places is a simple act to do a good deed on behalf of someone else. In the prayer request submitted on behalf of my daughter, the first request for me was that my credit score would increase. Another prayer request was that my daughter would make a smooth transition to a new elementary school.

I feel the strength of the Lord just by holding it in my hand and am comforted by just looking at it. I want to thank you so very much for the opportunity offered by your website to have a prayer said in our name at one of the holiest places in the world.

The prayer I submitted was so that I could get a well-paying job with the Government as I was working for the Federal Aviation Administration as a contract employee and was trying to get in as a permanent employee but it didn’t look like that was going to I would like to thank you so very much for your wonderful service!

I immediately burst out in tears and felt my prayers would be answered. Thank you for making it accessible for those of us who are too far to make that trip. It made me so happy to know that my prayer request and candle have reached the Holiest place on earth and I am sure that God will answer my prayer request.

Its an incredible feeling of peace knowing the pain you feel from needing help will go and you’ll see a miracle in your life with God’s grace. God bless you all for doing this service to people like me who is very far from that church.

Thank you also to the people who prayed for my request on the wall. After waiting for 13 months Jesus finally answered my prayer! Also prayed for others on the wall with fasting for 4 months. Alma I’d like to tell you about a miracle prayer request that God answered. Lee God answered my prayers and my child has come home and the will has been taken care of. The prayer request was placed last week and the case against us was withdrawn and my husband was proven innocent.

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