Dating aynsley


John Aynsley II was a very creative man, driven by a passion that rivaled that of his grandfather.Growing up in very modest circumstances required that John start work at the age of nine.On a whim, he decided to turn his obsession with collecting into a pottery business.In 1775 John Aynsley opened the doors to his dream in Longton (formally known as Lane End) and soon developed a reputation as a master potter.

(More recent commissions from royalty include gold embossed sets for Queen Elizabeth II and her son, the Prince of Wales).

John II brought great success to Aynsley China and prosperity to himself.

He was elected the Mayor of Longton in 1886, and immediately set to acquiring new land and funds for parks and a much-needed community hospital.

However, it was Dating aynsley bone china son John Aynsley who carried the company to heights that the founder could only have dreamed of.

Use of 10 bases in dating additional component led to Aynsley's bone china being very strong, translucent, and exceptionally white. Cottage Garden-Swirl by Aynsley As more of Aynsley's unique designs became popular, Aynsley China began to build a significant reputation.

When John Aynsley was older, he turned the business over to his son, James.

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