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Anthony Lam is an expert on the Catholic Church in China.

He estimated that the country’s Catholic population decreased to 10.5 million in 2016.

Church leaders, such as bishops, in the state-controlled churches are appointed by the Chinese government rather than the Vatican.

Underground churches, however, say they are loyal to the Pope.

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News reports suggest that the Vatican and China could reach an agreement on the appointment of Chinese Catholic religious officials.

Division between official and unofficial church in China They say a deal would normalize relations between the Vatican and China without dealing with the division between official and unofficial churches in China.

Zen, who also is the former bishop of Hong Kong, said that talks between the sides had not been equal.

Joseph Zen is a retired Cardinal, a top church official.

He has criticized the improving relations between the Vatican and the Chinese government.

He says the agreement will do more harm than good for the independence of Catholics in China.

Liu said, “If the Pope demands worshipers to unconditionally obey the agreement, there will be a great deal of conflict.

They say China will be the winner in talks if the government gets to nominate candidates for bishop.

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