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Your crush makes you biased and your status as a pretty new person in her life doesn’t really give you the wisdom or a wide enough view of the whole picture to come to a totally fair conclusion.So, forget about the “friend,” and focus instead on your own relationship with your teacher.This past weekend she again invited me to have a drink after a conference that we are both attending in a few days.

Even if she asked you directly what you thought of him or their relationship, I’d say given your feelings for her, you should just keep your mouth shut.So, how do you go about exploring your crush without potentially wrecking your friendship?Well, there isn’t a surefire way, but I think using vague, sort of “hint-hint” language that can be interpreted in a variety of ways will help your cause.Those crushes don’t have to mean anything more than just pleasant feelings toward someone whose company is really enjoyable. Sexuality is fluid and individual sexuality falls on a spectrum that at any given time may be at a different spot on the spectrum that at another time in a person’s life. What’s most important is how you feel and whom you feel drawn to, and right now you say you feel drawn to this woman.You may feel 99.9% hetero but still manage to feel sexually attracted to your female teacher. I’d say that first, decide whether you have any sexual attraction to her. Is it something you think you’d enjoy, or at least want to try?In fact, just the idea of it was really unappealing to me. She is also straight, but sometimes when we are together I really feel like she is a bit attracted to me.

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