Badoo dating usa

Hardly anybody body writes anything with their picture.

It's a joke for somebody who seriously wants to meet anybody.

I have paid upgrade fees and sent dozens of messages.

Even the obvious prostitute profiles have not responded.

I don't even say distance because the minimal distance is "entire city" (even if you live in NYC)...

Badoo used to be a great app and I had met several girls there. I have not received ANY responses in the past year.

All you can search there now is age, gender and location.I sent three emails and eventually went into the Pay Pal Resolution Center to get my money back because there was no customer service available.The pretty girls that I spoke with all asked me to go to another site to talk with them and oddly enough they didn't feel comfortable talking without getting some form of ID and a credit card number.I took a leap using this app in April and honestly it's great.I had a recent break up in March so i decided just to go ahead and try a dating site just for kicks.In Badoo, you are able to meet people from across the world which match your likes and requires, and also have the chance of ending up together.

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