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We waited while the majority of passengers left the aircraft and the ground staff at Birmingham located the stroller which was in a travel bag and brought it to the aircraft door.

When it arrived my husband went to remove it from the bag and get it ready.

Fortunate as there probably would not have been a meal!

I did not even have to ask for a bottle to be warmed as I am breast feeding.

Shortly into the journey we were informed in a less than apologetic manner that there was neither. We were not on the list for special meals despite a phone call through Expedia confirming meals with United prior to the outward flight.

This guide provides cursory information about financial accountability and separation of duties.

(I could go down the breast feeding mother needing food as a priority route but I'm afraid that just isn't me.) So all I'm highlighting is that I did not have to pace the aisle trying to comfort her or cause any extra work for your crew.

When we landed we asked for the stroller to be brought to the door of the plane so that the journey through customs would be easier.

To my horror at this point one of your female crew, Ms Mary H., stomped back onto the aircraft and without realising that I was within earshot said in an angry tone of voice "Yes, and he's opening the buggy like it's Christmas morning!

" I interpreted this to mean that he was being very slow and holding her up as she was extremely keen to leave the aircraft.

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