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I'm wearing it at the moment in an office but it's very hot and dry outside. Projection is great,two sprays will be just enough. I will call my 2004 bottle "the 2002 version" as I continue below to make things less confusing.Longevity is fab, stays on clothes forever and whole day on skin. Like a cloud of sensual vanilla with flowers mixed up with incense (not listed! This made-in 2004 bottle was slightly wider and shorter than the 50ml 2010 bottle of 2002 that was also available for purchase.I love vanilla perfumes that aren't sweet, and this is absolutely beautiful. I was wearing Black Orchid, and while I don't have much of either on (I think it's rude to douse yourself in fragrance before getting on a plane), the Addict can compete just fine with the Black Orchid. The only thing that might possibly make this better would be if the rose note was a little more noticeable. Was going to try to cover it up with a layering scent because I wasn't sure if I liked it, and changed my mind..I did.This is such a strong scent..necessarily unpleasant, but very potent and "stand alone". Recently, after 15 years of Dior ADDICT being my signature/only fragrance, I began a search for a new signature.

I think its a sign of the turn of the millenia..a young Thierry Wasser asserting his influence in the fragrance landscape and a wonderful walk back in time.If you're unsure about it, please please PLEASE don't judge just by the scent of the nozzle or immediately after spraying on your skin or a test strip. To me it's a very spicy floral at first, and then becomes a soft powdery vanilla that lasts and lasts and lasts!! I think it's way overpriced for what you get, and my preference would be for something like Kenzo Amour which has a very pretty vanilla drydown that stays close to the skin.In the first moments, there's a sweetness that's rather off-putting, and I almost didn't spray it on my skin. The sweetness faded almost immediately, and left a gorgeous powdery, floral vanilla. Wearing a sample I received awhile back and accidentally sprayed on myself this morning.Then I sprayed 2 sprays each on my hands and wrists, Left hand 2002, right hand 2012. A bit too camphor-ish with 2012 being the slightly less camphorish (and slightly more pleasant) of the two.But I know with some perfumes, you have to let them settle before you can really judge (and having worn 2012 before, I know for a fact it gets muuuch better) so now I'm going to pause my review, wait for it to settle, and then come back to continue.I haven't had good experiences with Dior perfumes, but I've been looking for an opportunity to try this one.

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