Acim dating

I offer them to anyone who may be starting or restarting their yearly ACIM journey, and who wishes to deeply embrace these peaceful, loving, life-changing teachings.

Even though I sometimes have a fear of failure to understand these complex teachings, I release this fear, open my mind and heart to comprehend these lessons that will help me do God's work on Earth via EFT.

Carol is widely known for her ability to guide anyone to peace of mind with simple, humorous, and practical solutions.

Over the years, she has successfully helped thousands around the globe to apply the transforming principles of ACIM to their lives.

Thank you, Gary, for suggesting we try it on everything!

Continue reading → Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Even though I was taught that Jesus was the light of the world and I don't feel worthy to even read lesson 61 "I am the light of the world." I now accept that I am worthy and can enlighten the world about healing via my EFT practice. " Suddenly I felt like a frightened child in parochial grade school, being reprimanded for my innocent questions and theories.Two years ago, in your spirit of trying EFT on everything, I began identifying and releasing my blockages to ACIM.Most noticeably, after clearing my blockages to lesson 77, "I am entitled to miracles," the wondrous miracles flowed into my life in the form of new clients, prosperity at many levels, a new long-term love relationship, deep peace, acceptance and love. This is a marvelous quote from one of my favorite books, Illusions by Richard Bach. In his brilliant and inspirational way, Richard teaches…Have you ever had a situation in your life where you were unhappy and needed a change, but didn't know how to create the change? Continue reading → Sometimes we come across a quote that so perfectly fits us, we can't help but put it on and wear it.Synchronistic events began occurring and still occur daily that keep me grinning in amazement and gratitude.

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