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I am a 44yo middle class guy and a 95% hetero kiddie-lover, which means I mostly like girls but have a little streak of boy-curiosity in me.

This is reflected in my writing, which features mostly male-on-female sex, but may include some male-male 'diversions' from time to time.

To this end, I try to achieve a satisfying realism in my stories.

I like to explore all degrees of pedophilia from loving to coaxing to coercian to outright force, but in moderation.

So I also then decided that if there were anyone to whom these would also appeal, I'd share. I also love the idea, fantasy, movie where a young girl get's scolded and spanked because she has been naughty for example.I have known my sexuality since I was 16 though memeries of my lust go back further. Writing a story/poem is a nice way to get our imagination going and it is free speech. Don't expect bad language in my work, I never liked it.All my work will be romantic because I want to show the better side of us.The story list is here to bring you the best links to sex stories on the net.Every week, we add more sites with more sex stories!I sometimes fantasize about girls that I would never actually do anything with but live them out in my writing instead.

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