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Or how many games at the quarter mark does the King start. r F4l Thu Jul 19 2018 pm ESTTDCHI - "The Rangers, while they're going to do more losing than winning next year, will be a tough opponent. I think they are going to be slaughtered and hurt.I wnat the kids far away Hospo Thu Jul 19 2018 pm ESTre: The coaching staff... I don't know much about OLIVER..I don't fear having a young coaching staff at all. I think AV's age is actually something that counted against him..old dog trying to learn new tricks..what he did instead was confuse the living shit out of his players(see: the Rangers' defense)...

There won't be an easy win against them..with the core and the goaltending they have..that's the type of atmosphere you want to usher in young guys"... They will contiunue to be one of the easiest teams in the NHL to play against.... Not worried one bit about it..you what, the NCAA is one hell of a league now. HAKSTOL is a good example..guy comes to the Flyers and wins 41 games right out of the gate.

I can't fault the direction this team has turned..have a farm system that is outstanding at this point..AHL team that will almost certainly be making the playoffs..could be in the mix for the Calder Cup. I like the pieces they have.tdchi Thu Jul 19 2018 pm ESTTDCHI - I dont know..training and training is one thing..palying agasint men/pros is another.tourneys like TCT are a joke regarding readiness for the NHL.. Boo Nieves was doninating kids and people were penciling him in.after he was invisble in the AHL the year before.. And Chtyl had a nice camp and opened up eyes with his offensive instintcs, but he wasnt ready..neither was ANDERSSON (who was supposed to be close to NHL ready according to th Rangers) or any of the D-men... ALOT of them were close and they just needed more experience and leanring elsewhere (AHL, International) so they would be ready later on..

I kinda expect the same this year Hospo Thu Jul 19 2018 pm ESTHospo - I understand and agree that no "kid" should be rushed unnecessarily to the NHL..man, you do realize that all these guys who were in juniors three months ago are two months out of camp and probably have been and will continue training for just about every day along the way..have no idea what kind of player is going to roll into these summer tourneys, TCT and ultimately camp...

I don't think the Rangers are in a hurry to do anything this year..I also think they'll give the young players every chance to win up to five roster spots..D is the real conundrum, because we have so goddamn many lefties crowding the mix, including three that are going no where..I wouldn't be surprised at all to see four or five kids.

Most of us were walkers so out into the gale we went to make our way home. With the wind at our backs we were tossed along the rain coated ice like it was some kind of high-speed carnival ride.

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Baked beans are the sort of satisfying meal that helps you weather February storms.

The long baking time keeps the kitchen cozy (although they can be baked in a crockpot) and leftovers can be eaten with breakfast.

I’m sure we were home before it got that bad but still…

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