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Occasionally I find my self wondering why I spend so much of my time watching and re-watching seasons past on DVD but no matter how hard I try I cannot stop. interesting, fluff with a couple of dramatic moments to send the group crashing hard back to the reality of life....but hey it's always more fun to see someone else's' life crashing than your own so set aside some time and watch away but don*t watch to long or you will get sucked into the whole teen angst ridden story....Ashley Gray, newly appointed District Governor for Rotary in Shropshire, has set out the five major activities he considers important for the next year.He was speaking to members of Shrewsbury Severn Rotary Club, only his third club visit in just nine days after taking office.On membership, he asked the club: "How are we going to create new members?We don't want to lose traditional clubs, but we need to make things different to attract people into other clubs alongside us.Underlining the new Rotary theme of 'Be The Inspiration,' he outlined his priorities for 2018/19: End Polio Now, Foundation (Rotary's own charity), membership, projects and marketing/PR.

At home, he spoke of the continuing success of the club's Santa Sleigh and Tree of Light which together raised a total of £12,500 for charities.

Sometimes these are also the images that change the world.

Scroll through the gallery and bare witness to some of history’s rarest images.

Some of the most rare photos are also the ones that stop us in our tracks as we linger on the image.

The emotion, the horror, the joy…whatever the feeling the photo captures, it’s just stunning to behold. The images that we talk about to our friends over drinks.

And last year there were only 22 cases of the disease reported in the world.

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